Stuffs We Found On The Internet For You

We spend the entire day scouring the internet for you so you don’t have to!  Aren’t we so nice??  It’s a tough job, but we did it and found some worthy links that you should definitely check out (and then share to your friends and take all the credit for finding it).


1. 15 Celebrities Who No Longer Give A F*@k! – Because celebrities who have zero fucks to give is the best kind of celebrity!



2. 10 Important Things Missing From The New JEM! Movie – No synergy? No Misfits? No actual Holograms? They are straight up murdering our childhood memories.



3. Watch Me  -Do you like erotica? Do you like not spending a lot of money? If you said yes to both questions, then you need NEED to buy this book…and maybe some batteries for uh..other stuff.


“Intrigued, Linda clicked on the link and thought it was another video. Upon closer inspection, she corrected herself. It wasn’t a video, it was a camera looking into a bedroom. She knew instantly that this was a live stream into Hardie’s room. He had given her a live stream access to his room, so she could have a front row seat. Her jaw dropped. Hardie wanted her to watch him live….”

Buy the book and find out what happens next TONIGHT!


5. Scott Eastwood – Because…well it’s SCOTT EASTWOOD minus a shirt.  We don’t really need to name off other reasons why you need to click on this right??


6. But really, WHO ARE YOU? Take the “Walk In The Woods” Test and see for yourself!



7.  Mary And Max – This is a must-see movie that you have to watch on Netflix. Maybe we’re a little late to the game with this movie, but if you haven’t seen it. SEE IT. It is claymation but this movie is definitely NOT for kids. Oh, and get the tissues ready!




8. And finally GOATS IN PAJAMAS!! Because …well THEY’RE GOATS IN PAJAMAS!!!!

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