15 Moments When Celebrities Lost It On Air



Celebrities! They’re just like us right?! If you woke up this morning next to George Clooney in Lake Como, then yes, celebrities are just like you. But for the majority of us who are not Amal Clooney, celebrities are completely unrelatable. Celebrities live an entirely different lifestyle than the regular ol’ 9 to 5’er, but for all the pros that a celebrity has, there are a few cons. (Not enough to actually make us feel sorry for them but just enough to point out in an article purely for our entertainment.)

For example, a celebrity’s career hinges not only on their actual job of acting, singing or whatever it is Carrot Top is famous for, but it also hinges on how they act outside of work. While a lot of us can have a bad day that’s usually forgotten after a day or two, a bad day for a celebrity can be immortalized into something they can’t forget even if they wanted to thanks to the internet. Celebrities aren’t supposed to have bad days like us, that is why publicists exist.


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