Woman Crush Of The Week: Ruby Rose

So if you were like the rest of the world you were totally excited for the new season of Orange Is The New Black.  For us, it wasn’t only because it was a good show but it was also because we heard that Ruby Rose was going to be a new cast member and we were already fan girlin’ over Ruby on Instagram.   Because well…look at her, she makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside from her sheer gorgeousness.


Thirst level has reached critical.

What we weren’t prepared for however is how her hotness factor (which was already at the ceiling) got bumped up even more when she spoke with her sexy accent.

In fact, we were so busy swooning/ ogling / drooling when she first made her OITNB appearance, we had to rewind the scene because we totally missed what she was saying.  Thank you OITNB casting directors for bringing Ruby Rose into our lives, our living rooms and our daydreams.  Ruby Rose is officially our Woman Crush of The Week, Month, YEAR and FOREVAAAH.





















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