The 15 Most Hilarious “Friends” Bloopers


There are certain insignificant things I do on autopilot every day without fail, things like having a cup of coffee in the morning, avoiding the laundry, fondling my phone and watching Friends because uh … hello, can this show BE any funnier? If you like Friends too, you just read that last sentence in Chandler’s voice.Friends were around for ten wonderful years and even though the show hasn’t been on television for twelve years the Friends fandom is strong. There’s usually at least one Friends rerun going on television on a daily basis or just go straight for the concentrated Friends binge on Netflix. Watching Friends is a solution for about 90% of your daily annoyances. Are the neighbors out on their balcony talking loudly about that new roast coffee they sell at the smoke shop that’s infused with goji berry? (I live in central California). Watch Friends at full volume to drown them out! Did you already watch the three good movies on Netflix and don’t know what to watch next? Switch over to Friends and get guaranteed entertainment. Did the pot brownies kick in too hard and now you’re freaking out? Friends are there to hold your hand so you won’t go mental.

In fact, one of the best pick me ups from when you’re feeling like crap or even if you’re just bored is to watch Friends bloopers on Youtube. Because if there’s one thing funnier than Friends, it’s Friends making mistakes! Here are 15 hilarious Friends bloopers that are guaranteed to make you laugh just like Janice.


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