10 Crazy Ass Fair Food You Have To Try This Summer

oolaSummertime is near and that means so is the fair! I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the fair — even though most of the time, it’s so hot I lose about five pounds in a day from my booby sweat alone, the fair is totally worth getting a possible heatstroke because of THE FOOD.

While most people I know would take one look at the fair food on this list and run the other way, I’m the junk food junkie that’s waiting in line for whatever sweet, weird crap they fried and stuck on a stick. (True story: A friend and I once skipped out on going to a concert because we saw that the Orange County fair was across the street.  Things were devoured, asses got fat. Best decision I ever made.)

Here’s the list of crazy fair food I deemed worthy enough to give you indigestion this summer! 


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