My 80s Mixed Tape!

Today on 80s mixed tape we’ll be exploring the wonder that was Guns N’ Roses.


If you had gone back into a time machine and looked at my mixed tapes from the 80s, you wouldn’t see Guns N’ Roses song in the mix. You know why? Because Guns and Roses was so good, that I shunned my usual ritual of taping it free off the radio (and hoping to God the DJ would keep his mouth shut until the damn song ended). I actually went out and bought a tape from an actual brick and mortar music store. I bought “Paradise City” single first.  I didn’t buy the whole tape because I still wasn’t sure if I liked them or if I just liked this one song. Plus I was 11 years old with not a lot of cash because my parents laughed in my face before I could finish my “Why I Need An Allowance” presentation.

It came in a cardboard sleeve and held promises of many a rocking nights in my bedroom,  singing into my hairbrush to a packed crowd (the Michael J. Fox posters on my wall). The song lived up to it’s promise.  I played it so much, that the hard cardboard sleeve it came in was a sad and tattered version of it’s glossy self in a week.

Best $1.29 I’ve ever spent.

Paradise City was just such a great song, mostly because of Axle’s vocals. It was high pitched but melodic and sort of ethereal. It didn’t hurt that he was probably one of the prettiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on.


I can’t listen to that without being immediately transported back to a simpler time when hair bands were king (with a touch of queen because some of those bands wore more make-up than my mother.)

I didn’t just listen to 80s hair bands though. I was an equal opportunity ear ! I also listened to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Bangles, Bananarama, Mary Jane Girls ..I could go on and on but instead of listing them out I actually made my very own Mosaic of 80s playlist! Check it out my new YouTube channel and click on the playlist button! I’ll be updating my music playlists and post my own funny videos weekly(ish)

(I’ll be more consistent from here on out with videos and blog posts I swear!)


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