Woman Crush Of The Week: Tina Turner

Not taking anything away from the pop divas of today, as they’re all pretty fabulous in their own right.  However, if you combine Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana and (insert at least 5 more singers here) they still wouldn’t compare to miss Tina Turner.  Tina’s soulful, rough voice, her incredible dance moves and of course, those incredible legs – Miss Tina ripped up the stage whenever she stepped on it.

And sorry Beyonce, you might be a ‘feminist’ in big bright lights, but Tina Turner was a real feminist down to the bone, coming out of an abusive relationship from Ike, taking control of her life and managing her own career, she became an even bigger star than she already was in the 80’s.  Watch “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and learn all about who Tina is.

Meanwhile, let us give you a preview.  Gather ’round kiddies – witness the magic of no auto tune, no pyrotechnics and elaborate costumes. Tina’s voice and her raw talent were enough to keep the audience mesmerized.

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