The Hairstyle That Shook Our World

What girl wasn’t envious of Jennifer Aniston‘s luscious locks back in the early days of Friends? Everybody wanted ‘The Rachel‘, the bouncy hairstyle that made the character so iconic. Her hair grew out as the seasons went by and Aniston lost the look that made her a star, but that didn’t stop us wishing we had her hair.  In fact, back in the day, we did more than wish, we kind tried to make it happen:

Oh girl, no….

Hooray for small miracles though, because Jennifer has signed a deal with Living Proof according to WWD, to create a new line of products.  The kind that could (in theory) make your hair as lovely as hers, (and as long as you avoid the hair salon that I went to on the corner of Fullerton and Main.)  Jennifer Aniston will also be the brand’s spokesperson, as is the usual tradition with celebrity endorsements.

Sure the dream of having ‘The Rachel’  is long gone but the dream of having great Jennifer Aniston locks is still alive and anybody who wants to kid themselves into thinking their hair could be as fabulous as hers, will be able to run down to the local store and purchase it.  Women are going to be locking themselves in their houses for a weekend, trying out the new products and whiling the time away on their laptop and waiting anxiously to see if they’ll finally have that ‘Aniston’ hair they’ve always wanted!

Only 20 years late, I guess. It’s strange because, had Friends aired ten years later, and not in the early 90’s, Jennifer no doubt would have been swept away on the wave of celebrity endorsements. She would have a line of hair care products lining the shelves already and those who lap up all things celebrity would have made her millions and then she possibly could have nabbed a reality show that Ryan Seacrest would produce which in turn would’ve made him so busy he wouldn’t have even THOUGHT of creating a reality show with The Kardashians.  I guess the next time Kim Kardashian is shoved in our faces, we have Ryan AND Jennifer to blame. Actually no, we’ll just blame Ryan Seacrest. For everything.

Actually, I’m not all that interested in having Rachel’s hair anymore, to be honest.  I just want to see how many women complain that the results weren’t satisfactory because then Jennifer will be in good company of celebrity product endorsements that weren’t up to par (Cindy Crawford *cough*).  After all, the only way we can actually have Jennifer Aniston’s hair is by transplanting it onto our own heads and the only way we can have Cindy Crawford’s beautiful face is to eat some bath salts, rip it off and staple over our face – and oddly enough, the results of that probably won’t be satisfactory either.

The moral of the story is to remember that celebrity endorsed products aren’t magic potions, they’re merely an over-priced version of  another non-endorsed product you could get for less at Wal-Greens with the exception of Tony Little because Tony Little and everything he touches is MAGIC.

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