Scott Speedman is Back in ‘Last Resort’

What’s that? You need a little refresher course on who Scott Speedman is? He’s best known for playing Ben Covington on the show Felicity, also known as my T.V. crack for four years. As in, NO.ONE. disturbed me during Felicity, I loved it so much. I was there from the very beginning and as you might have guessed, when Felicity had to choose between Ben and Noel, I was definitely on team “Tap dat Ben Covington Ass!”

Here’s a lovely visual reminder. Gather round kids and fall in love all over again with us.

Are you totally hooked on him yet? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you’re in luck. Scott Speedman is back to grace us with his gorgeous face every week on his new show “Last Resort.” It just started and we have to catch up on the episodes but just judging from the trailer, it has all the ingredients of a really great show, suspense, government plots, exotic locations and SCOTT SPEEDMAN IN UNIFORM. OH my word. We might have to invest in one of those bibs with a drool gutter at the bottom.

And did we mention he totally tweeted us? Yeah. We screamed for a good solid week because of it.

Until we found out it wasn’t really him.


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