Ouija Board Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You


When the Ouija board first came out, it was touted as a “magical and mystical device” that answered questions about the past, present and future with “remarkable accuracy.” An enjoyable “family game” that gets Casper in on the fun. However, there was nothing in the directions or the fine print that stated that your questions may or may not be answered by Satan himself.

As tempting as it is to side-eye most Ouija board stories, (because let’s face it, nine times out of 10, someone in the game is for sure pushing that s**t around to keep you from dying of boredom), there are some stories that are just creepy enough to keep you awake at night. Or at the very least, make you put your Ouija board in the garbage disposal. Is the Ouija really a mystical tool that opens the gates up to Satan’s most depraved basement goblins, chatty spirits and destructive ghosts from beyond? Can a board game really connect you to another world? Are people really still playing board games in this day and age? (I mean, they’ve heard of Candy Crush right?)

All this remains to be seen, but after you read these

10 most messed up Ouija stories,

you’ll probably stick to playing Monopoly the next time your WiFi is down!

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