3 Times Billy Eichner Was Every Madonna Fan’s Spirit Animal.

If you’re new around here, let us fill you in on a little secret.


Our love is intense, it’s pure and it’s completely off the chain. We’ve paid to the nose to have our nose be right there, up front at her concerts. One time we fashioned a child’s WWF championship belt toy into pure Madonna genius:





It’s okay to be embarrassed for us

To be very clear, we are not “I Like Her Old Stuff” fans.  (Are those even fans?) We are “Bought her Rebel Heart Album And Memorized Every Song Within A Week” type of Madonna fan; and unless you’re as crazed as we are, we can’t explain to you how hard it is to keep the insane contained, especially when Madonna’s on tour and we get a chance to see her live! (maybe twice if we eat Ramen for a whole month!)

However, if we had the chance to let our crazed inner Madonna fan just run amok – it would look a lot like Billy Eichner.

Nay, it would be Billy Eichner.  Billy Eichner gets us.  Billy Eichner is every Madonna fan’s spirit animal.

Here’s Billy being a completely normal Madonna fan.

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