Channing Tatum Shows Us How #DadBod is Done

We initially wanted to write an entire article on this whole #DadBod movement but honestly, it’s tiring and we feel like we would be preaching to the choir because our readers are smart enough not to be convinced that a pot belly and overall lack of effort from guys is now ‘the new sexy.’  Don’t get us wrong, sexy is whatever you want it to be and whatever turns you on and we are so not hating on what ‘dadbods’ means to each individual.

We’re specifically hating on the media’s unfair standards for women versus men, whereas women are still expected to lose their baby weight in a record amount of time, men are now being celebrated for having average bodies?  We just can’t get on board.  Unless dadbods (mostly gained from lack of exercise and lots of beers) and mombods (mostly achieved through housing a human being inside their bodies before giving birth to them) are both accepted as equally sexy, then Regina George pretty much says it for all of us.



And again, Shedens fully supports #Dadbods in all shapes in sizes and just to prove it, here’s some gratuitous abs and butts from the Men of Magic Mike.  (What? Channing Tatum IS A DAD)


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