MMM-MM-Matthew Noszka!

When I saw this guy on Instagram, I was so pissed I was all by myself and there was no one near me that I could share his face with.  THAT is how good looking Matthew Noszka is. You get the urge to share his beautiful bounty to others so that they may partake in the joy he gives to everyone’s eyeballs.

It’s the Brad Pitt/Paul Newman hybrid that we’ve all dreamed about but never actually had any hope in ever seeing because – that’s way too much gorgeous in one human being right? This is why he was discovered on Instagram and was immediately bumped up to “professional model,” because that face and that physique are so unbelievably hot, you can’t help but share it with the world, just to see if you’re not the only one suffering from some weird, Magic Mike hallucination.  Is this level of hotness for real? Is it even legal to be this ridiculously gorgeous?

We may never know but it seems like someone up there is listening to our horny hopes and dreams, so now would be a good time for us to join forces and start dreaming about a John Stamos and a Joe Manganiello hybrid.













2 thoughts on “MMM-MM-Matthew Noszka!

    • Ohhh that’s a shame. I’m a butt-chin lover. it’s because I like my men to look like cartoon superheroes. hahahaha!

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