Richard Gere Is Still Our Knight In Shining Armor

It’s been 25 years since everyone’s favorite movie, and probably the most popular rom com ever made, came out in the theaters and became a hit, because of course it did. What’s not to love? Inexperienced hooker with a heart of gold? Check. Handsome rich guy? Check. Happily ever after? Check.  Quotable lines you still use to this day? Check. (We don’t care if it’s called Four Seasons now, to us, that hotel will always be, “REG, BEV, WIL -…Write it down. Are you writing it down? You’ll forget it, write it down.”)

One of the best parts of revisiting this movie is Richard Gere.  To describe him as ‘handsome’ is a severe understatement. The guy is like handsome if handsome took steroids and got roid’ rage. He’s over-the-top, we can’t even deal, clutch my pearls, handsome.  We’ll definitely be re-watching Pretty Woman this weekend and here’s 10 Richards reasons why you should too.



AMERICAN GIGOLO, Richard Gere, 1980, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection












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