A Walk Down Memory Lane With: Britney Spears

On today’s memory lane we want to focus on Ms. Britney Spears. PRE-breakdown/PRE-shaved head, Britney Spears was THE biggest pop star in the world up until the pressure of fame and fortune sucked the sanity out of the poor girl and now, even though she’s doing a lot better, Britney is really but a shadow of her former self.  Most people have forgotten, that prior to all that crap, Britney Spears was a pretty amazing performer.  Remember that Britney?

Here’s a reminder of her former self at the 2000 MTV Music Awards, which is arguably the best performance Britney has ever done ever.  There was still some snap in those moves, some intensity in those eyes – and sure it’s pop music fluff but it’s pop music fluff at it’s finest.  So come, let’s stroll through memory lane and not acknowledge those Sinead O’ Britney bald head memories, duck past that footage of her crazed umbrella attack on an SUV, close your eyes at the infamous no panties crotch shot and keep walking until we’re alllll the way back to when Britney Spears was ON POINT, SEXY, FABULOUS and had the world at her feet.  It’s a performance worth watching again.

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