Zac Efron Makes Shit Memorable at the MTV Movie Awards

We didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards yesterday because we were too busy watching the movie “Over the Top” that, OF COURSE, we DVR’d because if Sylvester Stallone isn’t the finest man to wear the highest pants then we don’t know who is!



You’d look like that too if your jeans were jam packed against your balls. 

But apparently, while we were having an 80’s muscle fest, there was a present day muscle fest going on at the MTV Movie Awards. Zac Efron won Best Shirtless Performance and made sure he showed the public why he won this shit fair and fuckin’ square.

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show


We could watch that pretty much all day long.  But only after we finished watching this:


We have now realized that this particular incident has officially turned us into a creepy old lady but you know what?


We’re okay with it. We’ve accepted this new chapter in our lives and we’ve warmed up our pinchin’ fingers so if luck ever walked by us in the form of a Zac Efron, you can bet we’re putting them to good use on his tight lil’ tushy.

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