MILEY CYRUS: The Twerk Heard ‘Round the World

Okay. Wait. What the hell just happened guys? How in the world are we loving Miley Cyrus right about now? How did Miley go from annoying teen star to a blond haired, femme-butchy piece of ass with a song that we can’t stop listening to? Will we keep asking questions? Will we ever get to the point?

Well, first – let’s talk about the much talked about twerking that Miley breaks down in her ‘We Can’t Stop’ video.  Oh what?  You didn’t think Hannah Montana (HANNAH MONTANA!!) has a legit twerk?  Well your thinkin’ be wrong because she does twerk and we think it’s extremely legit – well legit enough that Jay-Z gave his stamp of approval.  The rest of the video, is a fun, giggly psychedelic trip you experience right before neon dragons fly out your kitchen cabinets and shit starts to get Bedtime Stories on yo ass.  The song isn’t deep, profound or even lyrically complicated, (it’s a pop song after all, calm down music snobs) it’s a house party rebellion anthem in a odd sluggish but catchy tempo that makes you want to lean back into your Toyota, pretend it’s a Impala and bop your head along like Snoop Dog while you’re driving.  In fact, we personally don’t think you’re listening to the song correctly if that’s not what you immediately want to do when you hear it on the radio.

It’s hard for a clean-cut Disney tween to make the crossover into full-grown woman, even with an army of publicists, stylists and agents telling you what to do – audiences can smell a contrived image from a mile back.  Miley Cyrus skipped the easing in process for the public and just jumped in, feet first, into what seems like the person she wanted to be all along which thankfully didn’t come with a stereotypical Amanda Bynes type breakdown.  Whether or not this new-found image is contrived,  the new Miley is a Miley we can get on board with.  New Miley is haute couture trash-class in the best possible way.  Ke$ha take note.  There’s a new trailer park queen in town….and it looks like she can open a beer bottle with her mouth without smudging her lipstick.

One thought on “MILEY CYRUS: The Twerk Heard ‘Round the World

  1. Good stuff. I totally agree. We should have respect for anyone who can be themselves for whatever reason, and you can just tell she is super comfy in her own skin NOW, I say bravo! Of course she wants to be shocking and rebellious, that’s the stage of life she’s in. I just hope she isn’t “dancing with Molly” too much or we may indeed end up seeing an Amanda Bynes breakdown one day. Let your freak flag fly Miley!

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