Retro Dudes: Dreamy Hunks From Your Childhood

Admit it, when you were just a fresh lil’ tween overflowing with hormones, you couldn’t help but make a bee line to the magazine rack every time you went to the grocery store with your parents. You were in search for the tween bible, which, back in the day was Bop Magazine, Teen Beat, Superteen. ..etc. Their glossy covers peppered with pictures of dreamy guys from t.v. and the movies, their pages packed with perforated pin-ups of said hunks, ready and waiting to be hung lovingly in your room, your locker, your Lisa Frank folder or any place you could find where you could gaze dreamily at it. ¬†And when your parents refuse to buy you yet another magazine, you waited until they were lost in the cereal aisle before secretly ripping out a few pin-ups and shoving them down the pocket of your Bongos.

Okay so that last part might have been just our thievin’ ass

Well have a seat and bust out your multi-laced L.A. Gears, put on some Bonnie Bell lip gloss and tie your hair back with your very best scrunchie because your teen dreams have returned to say, ‘hey girl, remember us?’

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