Retro Dude: The Real-Deal Man of Steel

We happened to be channel surfing the other day and caught a movie that’s a favorite of ours, Superman (which then turned into a couch marathon because Superman II and III followed right after) and we forgot how breathtakingly beautiful Christopher Reeve was, especially as Superman.

Christopher Reeve had everything you could need in a superhero, so much so, it was as if playing a superhero was exactly what he was made for. With his dark hair, piercing blue eyes, square jaw, he was tall but not lanky, slim but not skinny, sweet but not wimpy, confident but not cocky .. he was basically the perfect man, which explains why he was our first love at the tender age of 9, we were smitten and later in life subconsciously compared every guy we dated to him.

Sure, there’s been a few notable actors to fill Superman’s red boots after Chris, but after his horse riding accident in 1995, Mr. Reeve showed everyone that he’s the only REAL Superman.

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