SCREAMING AND SHOUTING …ABOUT…SOMETHING …(tell us when you find out)


How many times have you heard some ridiculous song being played hourly on the radio and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Who is listening to this crap?!?” No one admits to liking pop music and even if you find yourself liking a song, you’d never voice it out loud or lead it off with a disclaimer like, “I don’t normally listen to this garbage but … .”

However, at Shedens, we’ll happily admit we’re no music snobs.  In fact, we’re far from it because the people who are listening to that ‘crap’ music is us.  Thus far, Ke$ha has yet to make a song that didn’t make us want to shake our ass inappropriately.  Our playlist is a filled with top 40 garbage that’s the stuff of music nightmares but hey, we like to dance and really, that’s the only criteria you have to fulfill to make it onto our MP3.

Or so we thought.

Maybe we’ve had our fill of junk-food music or maybe we’re just late to the game of realizing how awful some of this stuff is or maybe, pop music really IS getting worse and worse with each passing year.  We didn’t want to be old curmudgeony prunes and pull the cliché, ‘back in my day, music was actually good..’ garbage because of COURSE music back in our day was better, it signified a time when we were young, mortgage free and life was just a whole lot easier and our pants were a whole lot looser (as in we were skinnier, not like we were sluts or anything).  Whether or not the music ACTUALLY was better is subjective.

But we digress.. the point of this whole post is in regards to Will.I.Am and Britney Spears’ new song, ‘Scream & Shout’ – and upon hearing the first couple minutes of it, we were ready to go ahead and like that shit to continue our track record of liking complete and absolute crap.  But just as we were ready to embrace the musical pop junk food, the lyrics (or lack of thereof) couldn’t be ignored because …well, there’s practically NONE.   Something something about a club, people watching them in the club, turning up the radio, screaming, and shouting and letting it all out.   There wasn’t even the flimsiest of stories intertwined into the lyrics, it was just rhyming words jumbled into a catchy riff.   And we don’t know about you, but if we saw someone screaming and shouting at the club, we’d assume they had a bad batch of shrooms and move to the opposite end of the dance floor.

Come on Will, even Ke$ha tries harder than this.

And damn, how deep did that tongue kiss go between Madonna and Britney that years later, Madonna’s faux British accent is leaking out of Brit Brit??

The video is equally as vapid as the lyrics. (shiny! shiny! walk! walk! Illuminati symbols! OH MY!)

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