AFTERNOON DELIGHT: Reynaldo and the Very Bad, No Good, God these Pants are Tight, Awful Day.

Welcome to a new, hopefully weekly post of Afternoon Delight! Part drooly pictures of tantalizing dudes and part making up stories about what tantalizing dude is doing.

Let’s get started with our first Afternoon Delight:

Drenched Guy with Ill Fitting Pants in New York City


A fine physical specimen who is sans a shirt (lucky us) and seems to be both wet and lost in the middle of the street in New York City….. as we all find ourselves at some point during the day.


Judging from his overall moistness, the poor man seems to have gone jogging on what started off to be a warm afternoon but ALAS! Flash Flood Warning!  Buckets upon buckets of rain began to fall wonderfully all over his Greek God physique like a bunch of lustful women, which ultimately impairs his vision.  He ends up running into a part of the city he doesn’t know – which, unfortunately for him, is the sketchy part of town and even more unfortunate that a bum, taking advantage of his rain blindness, has stolen his sweatants!  He attempts to try and grab the bum by his jeans but the bum manages to get away by wriggling out of it.

Pantsless and wet, poor Reynaldo (he looks like a Reynaldo.) squeezes his nicely defined lower half into the hobo’s small jeans, lest he accidentally flags a cab with his not-so-little-man.  He should be embarrassed, soaking wet and wearing too tight pants in the middle of the street but Reynaldo refuses to wallow in his bad day and tries not to get anxiety over the very real possibility that this flash flood is totally a sign of global warming.  (Reynaldo loves the earth as much as his mirror you see …)

This picture captures him taking charge of the situation and throwing caution to the wind by jaywalking in front of all the cabs as he finds his way home.  Because despite his bad luck, in the end he is a man that can take it as it comes, he is a man with confidence and he is a man with those little V-shaped hip muscles that lead to the promise land that the too-small jeans accentuate wonderfully.

You go Reynaldo!

No seriously, go, that cab is headed straight for you….


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