Madonna is not only the Queen of pop but she’s also the Queen of pimp when it comes to having an impressive dating history. While it’s true that the Queen hasn’t really been lucky in love and is currently playing up her Queen Cougar title by literally dating a boy toy, her past boyfriends have been stellar to say the least. She describes herself a romantic and likes a man who’s passionate, smart and who can be her equal.  Coincidentally,some of the smart and passionate men she has chosen also happen to be hot.

Here’s just a few dudes that our Queen Madonna has conquered.

TONY WARD (during the Erotica/Sex 90’s era. Starred in her controversial video, “Erotica.”)



JESUS LUZ (Met during her photo shoot with W Magazine. He’s still a model and supposedly a DJ. Starred in her video “Celebration”)



GUY RITCHIE (Director ex-husband, biological father to Rocco, adoptive father to David and Mercy. Met through Sting and his wife Trudy. They were married for 7 years.)



JOHN F. KENNEDY JR. (dated secretly in the 90s, wanted Madonna to dress up as his Mother for George Magazine cover. Not creepy at all.)



WARREN BEATTY (met on the set of Dick Tracy.  Warren was known for being a player with the ladies, but if you watch Truth or Dare, I think we all know who got played in their relationship. Hint: Not Madonna)



SEAN PENN (met when Sean Penn on the set of “Material Girl” where they got caught up in a whirlwind romance, had a disaster, paparazzi infested wedding and were dubbed “The Poison Penns” – mostly for their many publicized fights.  They were divorced after 4 years of marriage and Madonna confessed during Truth or Dare that Sean was the love of her life.  He recently went to an MDNA concert in L.A. to see his ex-wife and people who sat beside him told the press that he couldn’t stop gushing over her, exclaiming loudly how hot she looked while Madonna repeatedly winked and danced in front of him. )



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