The Man of Steel is Indeed Just That

The first time we heard that Henry Cavill was slated to play Superman in the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, we were less than enthused because A. We had never heard of him and B. We loved Brandon Routh so much because how he played Superman was so reminiscent of Christopher Reeve.  It’s a tough job to step into those red Superman boots and have everyone embrace it and we weren’t embracing Henry Cavill as the man of steel right away … up until this trailer came out:

Not only were we so on board with Henry Cavill after watching that, we wanted to man the ship! (get it, we’re “on board” he’s a boat or something?? shut up, we’re tired.)  How could we have ever doubted that he wouldn’t do Superman justice? Dark wavy hair? Check. Square, strong jaw? Check. Acting chops? Check and a body like DAAAAMN SUPERMAN?!?! check, check, spankity, check.  And as a special treat, we never realized that Superman WITH A BEARD looks SUPER sexy.

So let’s take this moment and embrace the new Superman with open arms and a dry hump.









superman9 superman10 superman11



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