Guys in Suits – The Best Kind of Present to Unwrap

Now normally, here at Shedens, we like our men with not a whole lotta cover-up because, if you didn’t already know, we’re total pervs.  And if you didn’t know, then let us properly introduce ourselves.

Hi, we’re Shedens, we’re total pervs. Nice to meet you.

But even the perviest of pervs can admit that you just can’t beat a hot dude in a suit.  A well tailored suit can turn a regular ol’ Joe into a handsome, dashing man with an air of power and importance.  And what so great about a suit is that it’s fitted, it’s slightly stifling (necktie.. has so many OTHER uses… cough..), the straight lines, the layers of clothing, the formality of it all – it’s so great to look at and also really great to imagine untying that tie, taking off that jacket, freeing that awesome bod from the confining restraints of that impeccable suit. It’s pretty much the best kind of present to unwrap.

Here’s a few nicely suit wrapped dudes for your daydream pleasures:

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