There are no words to explain how awesome this little girl is so we won’t even try because the video pretty much speaks for itself.   It’s especially refreshing to see since nowadays, the media bombards our impressionable young girls with such negative messages on superficial things like how they should look, how they should act and what they should be interested in (shopping! boys! being famous! big boobies!) which in turn pressures them to deny who they really are to be something they’re not in order to try to fit into an unrealistic mold.  That’s why it does our womanly hearts SO VERY PROUD to see awesome fierceness in a girl so small.  A girl who’s not only doing something that’s usually not the norm for little girls but excelling in it in a most bad ass fashion!


Well they took that video down, this one is not as good but it still shows how awesome she is.

One thought on “Video Quickie: LETS HEAR IT FOR THE GIRL!

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