Pinterested in …. Functional Nooks?

Nine times out of ten, most people probably didn’t custom design the home they’re living in now.  Granted, we pulled that nine times out of ten statistic right out of our ass, but we’re pretty sure that like us, you’re living in a house that wasn’t designed by you and there’s probably a few spaces, corners and nooks that stare at you day in and day out, that you didn’t even realize you could do anything and it just sits there, empty and ignored.  Well have no fear because Pinterest is here.  We’ve gathered up some of the best ‘nook’ ideas out there that’ll turn an empty, useless space into everyone’s favorite corner.  Turn a dark closet into a small library, a lonely hallway into a quiet mediation nook or a cupboard into a miniature S&M DUNGEON!!

Okay, so that last one might be a lie, we don’t know, there’s probably a pin on how to do it somewhere.

Meanwhile, here’s some of the best functional Pinterest nooks we found for you to repin and do!

Reading Nook

Build in Bed

Breakfast Bar

Bed Swing

Stair Storage

Bunks in a closet

Repurposed closet space

Stair-side bench

Bed under the stairs

How-To Corner Nook Sofa

Backyard Get-Away


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