Yes, you read that right, ANOTHER SONG, as in we have secretly liked songs in the past by Ke$ha.  Not something we like to admit out loud but we know we’re all good friends here and that you’ll at least laugh at us behind our backs.  Ke$ha was gone for a while so we thought maybe, it was just a fluke.  Maybe we liked her songs because we were just musically less evolved last year, surely if she came out with something else, we’re going to absolutely hate it and rightly so.  There is no substance to Ke$ha or her songs and she makes no apologies for it.  It is strictly the simplest of all pop formulas:  catchy lyrics, catchy beat and a provocatively dressed singer.  Talent, or in Ke$ha’s case, astoundingly good looks, is completely unnecessary. (Ke$ha is on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to pretty pop stars).

She’s coming out with a new album and this is the first single off that album.  We listened to “Die Young” (yeah, it has YOLO overtones. gross.) with our noses turned up and a ready smirk at the awfulness that we were SURE we would hear and …….shit …..our ass started moving ….and hips, started …UNDULATING.  Which isn’t good because like Shakira, our hips do not lie.  It might exaggerate a little but it’s not a liar.

Our brain screamed at them for their treachery and threatened to cut off all feeling to the bottom half of our body and yet still, our brain couldn’t deny it either.  This is pop music pork rinds. It’s awful, it’s greasy, it’s not good for us and we’ll regret it in the morning but dammit, it’s GOOD!!  Stupid good, but good nonetheless.

So watch, join us and let’s console each other for our awful music tastes and never tell another soul (especially those hipster types that listen to bands that are named after inanimate objects and feelings. “Pie Tin Tears” … you’ve probably never heard of them)


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