We know looking as good as you do doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. You just wake up out of bed looking like a swirling tornado of fabulousness because it comes oh so naturally! (bitch) But on those RARE occasions when your very presence doesn’t make people’s knees wobble (few and far between we’re sure). Here’s some handy dandy Pinterest hair and beauty pins to get your gorgeousness back on track!

6 Home Recipes for Healthy Hair

Beach Waves Hair

Paint Your Nails Perfectly

Natural Acne Remedies

Homemade lip stain/lip balm

10 Minute hairstyles

White and black bow nails

Building a remixable wardrobe and other brilliant clothing tips!

7 No-fail hairstyles when you don’t feel like doing your hair

How to apply eye-shadow properly

10 Eyeliner Tricks

Perfect red lips

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