One reason why Magic Mike was one of the most anticipated movies for ladies this year is because it’s not everyday women have a movie that shows gratuitous man booty.  BUT, that also has to do with the fact that sometimes, movies with really great eye candy for the chickas are secretly hidden behind things like ‘plots’ and ‘action’ (both of which Magic Mike had none of  unfortunately) In fact, there’s a lot of movies out there that offer more lady visuals than you might expect.

And of course, since we’re friends and all, here’s 5 movies that you probably didn’t know (or forgot) was a overflowing with manly awesomeness.

1. 300

Okay this one is a little obvious, but we can see why some women would shun this movie as being only for men and that assumption would be COMPLETELY WRONG.  It’s 300 dudes fighting in what is essentially a speedo and a shield..and swords of various sizes..*fans self.* In fact, if it wasn’t for the graphic fight scenes – this movie was most DEFINITELY made for women.   Bonus: The sex scene with King Leonidas and his wife? OMG. YES.

Holy. Shit.

2. Rocky IV

You know what’s better than a old school 80’s movie montage? Rocky IV’s workout montage with Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren at their most tip top form, sweating, lifting weights and doing major sex faces for what seems like a half an hour….okay, maybe it wasn’t that long but if you put it on slow-mo and pause in a few places, it could easily take an hour. Don’t judge.

3. Oceans 11

Do we really need to explain this one? Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and a couple short but sweet scenes with Scott Caan – there was definitely a woman or a gay man involved when it came to casting for this movie.  No shirtless scenes needed because these boys look slick and cool in their suits and tuxes with the swanky Las Vegas setting makes this a must on your man candy movie list.

4.  Troy

Brad Pitt makes another fine appearance in this movie, most notably his delectable ass shot, along with another hot piece, Eric Bana walking around with his shirt off, lamenting on how he can save his father’s empire from Achilles due to his stupid brother’s inability to abide by the rule, “what happens in Troy, STAYS in Troy.”

5. The Covenant

Okay, we haven’t seen this one but it was a suggestion from a reader and we didn’t even bother trying to read what the movie’s about because  judging from the pictures we pulled from Google, we’re sold.  You had us at shirtless.

What would you add to this list?


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