SUMMER OLYMPIC HOTTIE WATCH: 20 Delicious Photos of Jake Dalton

Summer Olympics are here again which can only mean one thing.  Amazing athletes with amazing bodies.  Yeah, sure there’s the thrill of the competition and the excitement of victory and being the best in the world and blah blah blah, but let’s not minimize the fact that there’s also the thrill and excitement about the abundant eye candy that the Olympics offers.


No other Olympic sport provides more eye candy than the men’s gymnastic team where the better they get, the hotter their body is.  A sport that requires extreme strength and flexibility, what the gymnasts do is as incredible as their bodies. Gymnast hunk Jake Dalton is not only a top ranking Olympic gymnast but he’s also ranks high when it comes to being a hot piece of dude.  He has a beautiful body, bulging biceps, beautiful blue eyes and on top of all that, watching him do what he does best is practically soft porn (check out the videos below and see for yourself).

Jake in Action:

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