7 Pinterest Pins We’re Not Pinterested In

I think we can all agree Pinterest is pretty awesome. It’s basically all the yummy and interesting visuals that you get from Facebook, only twice as informative with no mundane status updates from your great Aunt about how she needs more barley bricks for her Farmville garden or whatever. But as per usual, when something cool comes along, leave it up to people (some people..not you guys of course… you guys are cool) to find a way to screw it up.

Here’s 7  examples of pins that took a turn to creepyville and booked a room at the WTF motel.

1. Butterfly Invasion

If a few butterflies can brighten up a room then 500 butterflies would make it AMAZING! …is what we’re guessing the thought process was that birthed this mess.  What can one do in a room that has a butterfly plague? Take a nap? Even if you can sleep with all that in your face, imagine the horrifying sight of butterflies hovering over you when you wake up. We honestly can’t think of one single reason to have this many fake butterflies hanging from any space unless you want to keep guests out of your room and possibly out of your life. FOREVER.

2. Evil Elf With an Auto Fetish

Maybe I’m alone with my disdain for the “Elf on A Shelf” and maybe I wouldn’t be so against it if that hideous grin didn’t come with matching dead eyes. It’s not cute and the story about the elf doing mischief, like lining up the toy cars to look like a large penis, while the kids are sleeping is one butcher knife too close from turning into a bad horror story.

3. I … I …I Don’t Know…

I forgot what this picture was filed under so your guess is as good as mine. Is it a Do It Yourself haute couture tin man costume? Is it a tutorial on how to utilize your bad Home Shopping Network purchases to create a new outfit? Or is it a new way to deter aliens, zombies and good taste from your life?

4. Suicidal Someecards …. FOR KIDS!

They’re right! There IS a card for every occasion!

5. Fairytale Sweaters

If you’re not under 10 or over 60 and you happen to own one or more of these sweaters, I’m going to go ahead and assume they’re also covered in cat hair and you paid for them with your hopes and dreams.

6. Wine cork chair cover

This abomination was brought to you a coke snortin’ wino with way too much time on their hands.  Also known as The Lindsey Lohan  Collection. New at Ikea!

7.  Pet Fanny Pack?

That dog’s thought bubble is filled with hate, loathing, and probably a plan on how to choke the bitch with the very contraption she strapped him in.  The look on that dog’s face is similar to one of those depressing Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials that make you want to take your life.  If someone sees this criminal activity in their neighborhood, please grab the dog and push that wench into the nearest tree.

Written by Elaine Chaney who secretly thinks the cork chair cover is cool.

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