SUMMER OLYMPIC HOTTIE WATCH: 20 Delicious Photos of Ryan Lochte

Summer Olympics are here again which can only mean one thing.  Amazing athletes with amazing bodies.  Yeah, sure there’s the thrill of the competition and the excitement of victory and being the best in the world and blah blah blah, but let’s not minimize the fact that there’s also the thrill and excitement about the abundant eye candy that the Olympics offers.


One of the most watched summer Olympic sport is swimming, partly because there’s an eyeful of  wet gorgeous guys with near perfect bodies swimming around, wearing next to nothing.  In our opinion, the men’s U.S. swim team, and swimmers in general, are the only men that can pull off a Speedo and not look like a European tourist torturing both his nutsacks and our eyeballs.

First up is Ryan Steven Lochte, who is an American international swimmer and a six-time Olympic medalist who has also won a place in the hearts and crotches of many women, us being one of them.

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