COUNTDOWN TO MAGIC MIKE: 15 Hottest Photos of Channing Tatum

Magic Mike is coming out TODAY! And what better way to channel our excited quivering with anticipation energy than dedicating a gallery to the beautiful men who make up the cast?

The final dude in our countdown is of course, Channing Tatum, whose stripper past is basically the foundation for this genius, Oscar award worthy, masterpiece of a film (that’s TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT!) He’s that perfect combo of boyish good looks and beefaroni body that CAN DANCE! We don’t really think other guys know exactly what kind of quiver me timbers happens when a woman sees a guy who’s confident and can dance.  It’s essentially a preview of uh… certain skills – horizontally speaking.  And judging from Channing’s moves we’re confident that his  wife is probably not kicking him out of bed anytime soon.

Here’s 15 of the hottest Channing Tatum pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Oh and did we mention we had videos too?

Enjoy the movie tonight ladies and don’t forget to send us a movie review!! (

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