Oh wow, so I didn’t completely lose you with that corny title? Well thanks for troopin’ on trooper! Because if you hadn’t you would’ve missed out on Clint Eastwood‘s fineosity (what? that’s a word) extravaganza!  When I was a kid, my dad watched a lot of westerns and I sat down and watched a few with him, which made him think that I shared his fondness for western films but in reality – I’m not big on westerns at all.  In fact, if my dad had paid attention, he would have noticed how fast I bolted out of there when a western didn’t have Clint Eastwood in it.  Even as a kid, I enjoyed watching his spaghetti westerns because I enjoyed watching Clint Eastwood.  At the time, I thought that funny feeling I got whenever I saw him was just because I ate too many bowls of Lucky Charms, but later I realized it was because I was a fledgling lady pervert way before I was even conscious of it.

So today on Retro Dude, I made my own kind of western slide show starring the manliest man who ever sprouted a chest hair, Clint Eastwood. Except it’s not really a western so much as it is hot pictures of a guy who starred in a lot of westerns, but that’s close enough right ?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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