6 Hilarious ‘Hot Guys’ Google Image Search Found for Us

I think it’s safe to say that Google image search is the kind of awesome that ranks right up there with fried ice cream.  In just a few clackity clacks of the keyboard keys (or “thumph mmphity” on one of those ‘quiet’ keyboards) you can pretty much find a picture of anything you want within seconds! Google image search is especially wonderful when you’re a work-at-home mom who’s using the excuse of ‘starting up her own online magazine’ to hide the fact that she’s really just trying to find a good reason to gawk at hot guys on the internet.


So uh, anyways.. as amazing as Google’s image search is in running all over the interwebs  to fulfill your visual needs – the results presented to you don’t always quite hit the mark.

These are some of the hilarious results we got when we typed in “Hot Guys.”

1. Drinking Problem Paul

Yes doctor I have a problem. After  a hot game of speedo-jingle ball with my bros from the frat house, I get so thirsty but I drink  bottle after bottle of water and yet, I’m still thirsty! What’s going on?

2.Wanna See More Mike

That’s right ladies, I work out, I tan, I wear photoshopped tank tops, my hair is as hard as my abs and when I lift up YOUR shirt, I’ll do it in this weird middle finger fish hook with my claw hand.  And don’t worry, I”m right here to catch your panties when they drop.

3.  Joan Jett??

Sigh. Oh my this is awkward. Google search thought Joan Jett was a hot guy. Just because she’s into the ladies doesn’t mean she’s a dude Google! Sorry Joan. (She looks great for her age doesn’t she?!)

4. Deep Thoughts Gus

I wonder how life began? I wonder if there is a God? I wonder where my shirt is? I wonder how badly my arm is getting burnt from putting it on this furnace? If I inject steroids into my forehead instead of my ass, I wonder if it’ll make my head grow so it matches the rest of my body? I want a taco.

5. Sinky Steve 

Poor sinky Steve misused the bath salts again and now he thinks he’s a millionaire for inventing the kitchen sink shower toilet badet that’s going to be featured in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog at a airplane coach seat near you! I guess we should count ourselves lucky that the bath salts didn’t make him sexily take a shit in the backyard naked while eating the face off a chihuahua.

6. Bob’s Body is a Wonderland … an overgrown, undermowed wonderland …

Because is there anything hotter than finding lost hikers in your man’s thigh hair? I think not. And it’s refreshing to see that the carpet matches the Sasquatch. A thousand thank yous for this Google Image Search!

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