Hurts So Good: Jason Statham

You ever see a guy so ridiculously good looking, it almost pained you to marvel at their gorgeousness? The saying ‘hurts so good’ never rang truer. The man who pains us in a very good way is Jason Statham. We’re pretty sure if you look up the term ‘badass’ – his picture would be next to it with no actual definition because he epitomizes everything that is bad ass.  The very best kind of action star that both guys and girls can appreciate.  Jason is the kind of man who can look good in and out of a suit, a man who can let the scruff grow out a little bit and still go to the Cannes film festival looking every bit  as sophisticated as his other smooth faced celebrity counterparts.

How about we shut up and get to the Jason buffet already?

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Got a suggestion for our next Hurt So Good Hottie? Shout it out and tell us! Although leaving a comment in the comments box would probably easier on your throat.

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