The Men of Magic Mike

Class, before we get started, please watch the trailer for Magic Mike. Afterwards, let’s all sit in a circle and discuss this amazing genius of a film.

So, the basic story line is hot guy runs a hot guy strip club, makes lots of money, has a lot of fun but also likes to make really cool furniture on the side.  Wonderful.  He then meets a girl [insert buzzkill music here] who knows exactly what he does and tries to tell him to quit stripping because SHE’s not comfortable with his lifestyle.

It doesn’t seem possible right? This has to be pure fiction.

BUT, from what we read about this movie, this is based on a true story about Channing’s past.  So there may or may not have been a girl ENCOURAGING CHANNING TATUM to put his shirt BACK ON.

Eww, Channing put some clothes on! We’re trying to eat! 

Let’s just all pretend that such a girl does not exist. Then again, if she didn’t exist, this movie might have never happened – oh the Catch 22 of it all!

Instead let’s focus on what a rarity this movie is – especially for the womens.  Because in Hollywood, the equation 90 percent of the time in any movie/t.v. show a couple consists of one hot girl + a meh guy.

 Hey Leah, after you have a baby, we need you to look like this again in 3 days. Kevin, let’s go to lunch.

And we’re not saying that this is a bad thing, but come on, can Hollywood cater to us just a little bit? (No, fucking Twilight doesn’t count – we like our men sans glitter.) It’s no coincidence that there was a lot of buzz around this movie when it was being cast because this kind of romantic (comedy?) movie that makes the female loins start a burnin’ almost never gets made.  And you know how we know this is going to be THE movie to watch for all the ladies?  Because if Mr. Matthew McConaughey gets overshadowed by the other hot guys, you KNOW it’s going to be great.  We got whiplash just watching the trailer because we didn’t know which guy to stare at.  That’s a nice problem to have.  So thank you Channing and whoever backed this film up financially for bringing Magic Mike into our lives.   We don’t care if it gets panned by the critics or doesn’t get an Oscar because SHEDENS gives it two thumbs up and pair of panties.

Even his armpits are handsome.

Matthew McConaughey is a long time favorite. When he speaks, panties quiver. When he takes off his shirt, lady parts burst into flames.

I mean…. seriously….we’re almost offended by how good looking Joe is.

Matt Bomer? More like Matt Lady Boner!!! Am I right??? (okay that was awful. Sorry)

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