A Lil’ Push Over the Hump with Ryan Gosling’s Help

Hump day is almost done … here’s a few things you might literally like to hump.


Don’t you wish all events like business meetings, appointments, sex… started with chocolate?  Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re doing. We wish we could physically hand you the chocolate so you can bury your face in it, but this is the internets, this recipe is the best we could do. Stop being so demanding.

RYAN GOSLING .. we wish we could hire him as our pool boy, our maid, our dishwasher …. our chair.  No shirts allowed.

BRAMANCES ….because it seems like you can’t turn around nowadays without having some cat fight being conjured up between two successful women.  Apparently, to the media, if more than one famous vagina enters a room, a brawl is bound to ensue.  So it’s refreshing to see two women develop a good friendship (which of course was translated into something lesbian-y by Buzzfeed. Ah well, you can’t win em’ all.)


You can follow him on Twitter! @joemanganiello  (although we like our last name for him better)

FAIR FOOD! – What real woman is actually looking forward to bikini season? In our book, summer equals ‘Fried Stuff on Sticks at the Fair” season.  Take a break from that bikini, put on some sweat pants and go to the fair!

JASON STATHAM…because …uh… we appreciate his dedication to fitness? And he has really nice eyes. But we’re just guessing on that one. Unfortunately, you can’t follow him on Twitter but if you see him in real life, by all means go ahead, follow him, take a picture and send it to us, mmmkay?

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