Videos That’ll Give You The Crazy Smiles

The world can sometimes be an awful place.  The internet is even more so.  And just when you’re ready to run for the hills and live the rest of your life as a dirty, penniless, hobo, whose stench of urine is enough to make a person’s eyes water just standing downwind of you, because even THAT would be better than dealing with the cruel, cruel world –  humanity steps up to the plate and begs for your forgiveness.  This time, it’s happening in the form of viral videos.

Okay, admittedly, gathering up videos is barely making an effort on humanity’s part.  You could have easily looked up these videos yourself but guess what? You don’t have to! It’s right here! That’s a point for humanity right?  That you didn’t have to look it up? You know what? Never mind. Clearly you’re one of those high maintenance types that’ll only be impressed if this post adopted a baby from Africa and saved a litter of puppies from the highway.

While we can’t be your personal Angelina Jolie right now, we DARE YOU not to smile at these videos below.

What? Not smiling yet? Okay, watch the next video  you heartless rock.

YES, we know this is a commercial that a bunch of corporate execs stayed up at least one whole night trying to squeeze whatever humanity they have left over from their dried up corporate souls before they realized they didn’t have enough to fill even a thimble, so they kidnapped a poor dad and squeezed it out of his loving asshole.  BUT it worked, right? Wasn’t that the sweetest commercial EVER? Didn’t it make you kick yourself for not thinking about it? Didn’t it make you wonder what would happen if the Dad forgot about the little girl’s email password and all his love would just be floating around unread in cyberspace? That’s why we’re going to do exactly THIS only via a pen and paper. In your face corporate hounds.

Talking , frustrated dog? COME ON! That was adorable, because isn’t that the voice we all think our dogs will have?!? Well, except our dog has a lisp. It’s fucking precious. Trust me.

A flash mob to the Sound of Music! THAT had to have cracked a smile, right? And how about all the people watching and their transformation from stone faced strangers to a joyful, giddy group, fumbling with their camera phones and not giving a damn that they’re going to be sooo late for work?

Still nothing?

Okay fine, that’s all we got. We’ll let you get back to your busy day of kicking puppies and stealing candies from babies.

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